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Some Information about Point to Point

Point to Point Ethernet, otherwise called: a P2P, Point to Point fibre, and Point to Point leased line, Point to Point VPN or LAN Extension. If you are looking for a Fast, Dependable and Consistent data link, either between two offices or from your office to a data centre then Point to Point Ethernet could be for you. To see if you need a Point to Point Ethernet connection, ask yourself the following

  • Is communication between my offices critical to my business?
  • Do I need more bandwidth between sites/to our data centre?
  • If I lost communication to my other office for an hour, a day or a week have a negative impact on my business?
  • Does having an inconsistent back up link to our Data Centre put us at critical risk?

If you have answered YES to any of the questions above then you need a point 2 point. Uncontended Point to Point Leased Lines provide uncontended, symmetrical connectivity between two locations. This means you will receive your chosen upload and download speed 24/7. That’s right… 100Mb P2P would give you 100Mb both ways at the same time 24-7! P2P’s also come with a guaranteed fix time plus a SLA (service level agreement) whereby if your provider doesn’t meet the uptime guarantee then you will start getting money back in the form of credits.

A point to point leased line is the most reliable solution for this communication need and connectivity that modern businesses require. Leased, since the service is paid for with a fixed fee for an agreed upon duration and service capacity.

Point to point leased lines is not suitable for personal or residential network connections but would cater primarily for businessPoint to Pointes with the following communication or connectivity needs: • Dedicated connection between two business sites that will be used for voice and data communications • Dedicated connection between two independent computer networks • Dedicated connection to the public switched data network

Inherent Security: a single dedicated circuit is accessible only to the end users and is not accessible by other parties • Constant Connection: there is no need to establish a connection between the end users every time data is transferred between sites • Choice of Bandwidth Speeds: users can choose from 10Mbps-10Gbps • Service Level Agreements: minimum of 99.9% SLA

  • Businesses pay a fixed monthly fee based on an agreed level of capacity
  • Businesses can plan and control communication budget o Secured transmissions particularly for critical company information
  • A leased line cannot be accessed by other parties not specified by the secured networks
  • Fast and reliable transmission for voice, data and video applications

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